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I'm a social, creative and hardworking graphic designer from Stockholm (Sweden) based in Oslo (Norway), who like challenges and new experiences. I love everything that has to do with graphic/web design, with a special interest in logo, branding and packaging design. Design for me is a tool to communicate with other people. I have 11 years of experience working as a freelance designer and working at different agencies.


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Rethink Tees
Atari 2600 Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1610
Beatle Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1476
Instagram Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1606
Diabetes brochure work (client MedCore)
Cameleon Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1047
Wedding branding
Hope Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1587
FIF icon work (client Norwegian Armed Forces)
colorblind Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1048
Drink me Milk packaging
MedCore branding
Leftside Typography
Enjoy life tees
The Cube Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1165
Fortress packaging
Daily Inspiration Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1476
Descend Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1252
Delayed Graphics
FIF brochure work (client Norwegian Armed Forces)
Enjoy life Graphics
Ortopedic brochure work (client MedCore)
Diamond Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1344
Home Graphics
FIF brochure work (client Norwegian Armed Forces)
Evolution tees
Eagle Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1033
Evolution Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1697
Hole Graphics
MedCore logos work (client MedCore)
FIF rollup work (client Norwegian Armed Forces)
future Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1080
Legend Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1119
Lights Out Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1075
MedCore invite work (client MedCore)
Mustang Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1301
Neil Armstrong Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1225
Glucosure work (client MedCore)
Nordic Light Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1119
Printed Message Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1598
MedCore folder work (client MedCore)
Remember Me Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1365
MedCore Care advert work (client MedCore)
Rise Graphics
Robotic Arm Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1025
MedCore Care work (client MedCore)
DGBYGG branding
Scull Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1393
Space Journey Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1080
Scull Graphics
Sweet Bubblicious Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1215
Tear Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1208
Type Abduzeedo/Daily Inspiration
Leftside tees
Leftside branding
Gluco Sure Rollup work (client MedCore)
Wife Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1070
X-mas Abduzeedo/Typography-mania #163
Scull Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #992
Scull Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #991
Scull Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1692
Insupen Advert work (client MedCore)
MedCore brochure work (client MedCore)