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I'm a social, creative and hardworking graphic designer from Stockholm (Sweden) based in Oslo (Norway), who like challenges and new experiences. I love everything that has to do with graphic/web design, with a special interest in logo, branding and packaging design. Design for me is a tool to communicate with other people. I have 11 years of experience working as a freelance designer and working at different agencies.


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Rethink Tees
Atari 2600 Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1610
Beatle Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1476
Instagram Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1606
Diabetes brochure work (client MedCore)
Zinfandel packaging
Cameleon Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1047
Wedding branding
FIF seminar brochure work (client Norwegian Armed Forces)
Hope Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1587
FIF icon work (client Norwegian Armed Forces)
colorblind Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1048
FIF Gif animation work (client Norwegian Armed Forces)
MedCore branding
Leftside Typography
FIF intranett work (Client Norwegien Armed Forces)
Enjoy life tees
FIF dashboards work (Client Norwegien Armed Forces)
The Cube Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1165
Fortress packaging
FIF seminar brochure work (client Norwegian Armed Forces)
Daily Inspiration Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1476
Descend Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1252
Delayed Graphics
FIF brochure work (client Norwegian Armed Forces)
Enjoy life Graphics
Ortopedic brochure work (client MedCore)
Diamond Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1344
Home Graphics
FIF brochure work (client Norwegian Armed Forces)
Evolution tees
Eagle Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1033
Nils Hansen Beer label graphics packaging
Evolution Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1697
Hole Graphics
MedCore logos work (client MedCore)
FIF rollup work (client Norwegian Armed Forces)
future Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1080
Legend Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1119
Lights Out Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1075
MedCore invite work (client MedCore)
Mustang Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1301
Neil Armstrong Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1225
Glucosure work (client MedCore)
Nordic Light Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1119
Printed Message Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1598
MedCore folder work (client MedCore)
Remember Me Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1365
FIF portal work (Client Norwegien Armed Forces)
MedCore Care advert work (client MedCore)
Rise Graphics
Robotic Arm Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1025
MedCore Care work (client MedCore)
DGBYGG branding
Scull Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1393
Space Journey Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1080
Scull Graphics
Sweet Bubblicious Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1215
Tear Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1208
Type Abduzeedo/Daily Inspiration
Leftside tees
Leftside branding
Gluco Sure Rollup work (client MedCore)
Wife Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1070
FIF seminar rollup work (client Norwegian Armed Forces)
X-mas Abduzeedo/Typography-mania #163
Scull Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #992
Scull Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #991
Scull Abduzeedo/Daily-Inspiration #1692
Insupen Advert work (client MedCore)
MedCore brochure work (client MedCore)
FIF seminar brochure work (client Norwegian Armed Forces)