Designing for today,
and the future.
Leftside multidisciplinary design
Branding, letterheads, logos and businesscards
Abduzeedo, graphics publisched on Abduzeedos webpage
Graphics, trying out stuff
Work, for clients (Det Norske Forsvaret and MedCore).
Gif animations, for clients and my self
Semi-Permanent, my work published in Semi-Permanents books.
T-shirts, just for fun
Packaging, for client and my self
Typography, trying out stuff
Serialthriller, work published on Serialthrillers webpage
Webdesign, websites I done

My name is Thomas and I'm a social, creative and hardworking 38 years old graphic/web designer from Stockholm (Sweden) based in Oslo (Norway), who like challenges and new experiences. I love everything that has to do with design.

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